Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Cookie Cake

For those of you that don't like cake....

Pac Man Cake

40th Birthday Camera Cake

70th Birthday and 50th Anniversary Cake

Animal Safari First Birthday Cake

First birthday cake with hand sculpted animals made from fondant.

Sweet 16 Zebra Striped Birthday Cake

A sweet 16 cake with zebra stripes and lots of glitter.  Once again the camera didn't pick up on all the glitter on the stars and bow.

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty birthday cake made out of buttercream. 

Parkersburg High School Cross Country Team Cake

These are three full sheet cakes that I made for the Cross Country's banquet.  I printed there team pictures on two of the cakes added their names and then on the middle one I made their logo.

Perry the Platypus and Phineas and Ferb Cake

This Perry the Platypus cake was made for my step son's 18th birthday.  And of course Emily wanted to help with bubby's cake so she once again made the characters of the show. 

Justin Bieber Cake

This is an edible image of Justin Bieber.  Then I made a microphone and stars to frame his picture.

Baby Butt Cake

My first baby butt cake.  The "bum" is cake too and I sculpted the legs and feet out of rice treats.

Monkey and Bananas Birthday Cake

This cake is a Hannah Banana Cake.  That is what Hannah's dad calls her. 

Rock Star Cake

This was my first Rock Star cake with flashing lights!!!  Hand made microphone and glitter stars!  Wow this thing sparkled!

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds birthday cake that was the Halloween Edition.  Emily made all of the birds and pigs.  This cake was for her BFF so she wanted to help make it.  I thinks she did a wonderful job!

Monster High Cake

Monster High birthday cake.  The top was left empty because the customer wanted to put the Monster High dolls on top that she had bought for a present.

Backyardigans Cake

This is a Backyardigans cake that I made for a 1st birthday.  I hand sculpted all of the characters from fondant.

Butterfly Cake

This cake is a buttercream cake with butterfly picks.